the archives


12.29|to a new year
12.24|merry christmas
12.21|dear future, our nights are long
12.15|dear future, we have so many questions for you
12.13|to remember that the snow is not always about the cold
12.09|dear future world,
12.03|let us weather this winter, and find new strength with spring
12.01|still room for a hero
11.28|next time, we will be prepared
11.27|you’ve been warned
11.24|starfish dreams of returning to the moon
11.23|later, low tide leaves behind memories of the sea
11.22|curious and curiouser
11.21|the flood after the storm
11.20|pathetic fallacy
11.19|a storm with malice
11.18|watch the storm roll in
11.17|a relic from the past
11.16|now, open your eyes
11.15|when do they become wild again?
11.13|what do you see, simon?
11.12|an intriguing new place
11.11|later, even newspapers stop short of the end
11.10|later, we carry the torches of the dead
11.06|later, the dead have peace and the living have only the dead
11.05|later is missing everything
11.04|sooner or later, we all gave up on rose-covered graves
11.03|cats will be cats
11.02|later, he feels more confused than brooding
11.01|the dead come back to play on all hallows’ eve
10.23|drawing from memory
10.16|matters of the heart
10.09|happy thanksgiving
10.02|simon’s adventures
09.23|escape artist
09.16|the sun rises every day, but that is not to say it must be an everyday thing
09.03|later, we choose our sides
08.25|the mysterious adventures of simon the cat
08.19|later, we await a new world
08.04|as the crow flies, it sees where the winding road ends
07.22|the hour is getting late
07.16|later, we make our own sanctuary
07.08|own the road
06.30|watch the world through your mind’s eye
06.23|beneath the weeping willow, she is a wide-eyed child again
06.16|underwater, she can finally think clearly
06.09|sometimes, everything reminds her of what she tries so hard to forget
06.02|later, wait out the sleepless nights until sunrise
05.26|later, dreaming in colour did not make any of it clearer
05.19|later, we must find new shapes in the rubble
05.15|later, simon wonders what he got himself into
05.08|later, is searching, is hunting, is patience
04.27|later, we are surprised by beauty
04.10|later, a full moon
04.02|later, it’s more accurate
03.18|later, everyday loneliness is daunting
03.10|later, what do squirrels say?
03.03|later, we keep losing things
02.27|later, we all think we will survive
02.22|later, he thinks he should have said forever
02.17|later, he dreams of angels
02.11|later, in the hollow city
02.09|later, it was not like coming home, at all
02.08|later, a still life
02.03|later, it was not a long fall, but the pain felt otherwise
01.28|later, these are the moments i miss you the most
01.22|later, he chooses his fears carefully
01.15|later, by the light of the inconstant moon
01.10|later, life is not the journey he thought it would be
01.06|later, he began his new journey at a snail’s pace, but it was a start