dear future, our nights are long
dear future, our nights are long

this is a continuation of the letter started here: 079


  1. Ashley Stroud

    Hey Darcie, I saw your dad at Jen and Jo’s B-day. He told me to Check out some of your work. I’m thankful he did. These comics are great. You have a unique way of expressing your comics. I look forward to seeing more. Some of this stuff really makes you think. keep up the great work. What gave you the idea to start this stuff? Ashley

  2. darcie

    Thanks, Ashley. I got the idea from a paper I worked on in school on The Road by Cormac McCarthy. After studying the post-apocalyptic genre, I realized I had my own vision of a future world. The graphic novel format was the perfect way for me to use both my art and writing skills together.

    Glad you like it. Merry Christmas!

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